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Lily Charette

Academic Coordinator

The Academic Coordinator is responsible for representing the Federation when dealing with all matters related to the academics within the Faculty of Arts and Science. They advocate for the academic interests and initiatives of the Arts & Science student body through their positions on academic bodies and the enactment of academic initiatives. These initiatives can include academic workshops and the ASFA Journal. The Academic Coordinator also chairs the Academic Committee.

Why you may want to contact the Academic Coordinator: if you have academic concerns you would like addressed by the Faculty of Arts and Science; have ideas for academic initiatives that ASFA can support; if you wish to make a submission to the ASFA academic journal.

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Sabrina Morena

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is directly responsible for ensuring that all ASFA members are informed of what initiatives and opportunities are available at Concordia for Arts and Science students. In order to accomplish this task, the Communications Coordinator facilitates the Communications Committee and works with the Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Office Clerk to implement communications strategies and build lasting relationships with external organizations.

Why you may want to contact the Communications Coordinator: if you want ASFA to promote your group’s upcoming events in ASFA’s email newsletter and/or social media platforms; if have any input or concerns regarding commercial activities within ASFA, or any ideas of how to strengthen ASFA’s communication with the student body.

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Sean Smith

Executive Coordinator

The Executive Coordinator Is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Council and the day-to-day administration of the Federation. They shall also be the executive responsible for employees of the Federation. The Executive Coordinator shall be the official representative and chief spokesperson. The Executive Coordinator shall chair and convene the Policy Committee. They will also sit as an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees.

Why you may want to contact the Executive Coordinator: if you have questions, ideas, or concerns about ASFA as a whole, or questions about policy and Council.

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Amine Ben Arous

Finance Coordinator

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for preparing the budget of the Federation, ensuring that financial information is up-to-date, keeping in order all financial books and documents, and for reporting on a quarterly basis to Council. The Finance Coordinator shall also ensure that MA events and initiatives are in compliance with the Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy, as well as the Ethical Purchasing Policy. The Finance Coordinator shall chair and convene all committees created to address the allocation of funds.

Why you may want to contact the Finance Coordinator: if you have questions regarding your MA’s finances or need assistance submitting cheque requisitions.

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Sarah Bubenheimer

Internal Coordinator

The Internal Coordinator is responsible for coordination between ASFA and the Member Associations. As Internal Coordinator, they are responsible for addressing the needs and issues of the Member Associations as well as keeping them updated on all the information needed to keep their operations running throughout the year. The Internal Coordinator is in charge of keeping all of ASFA and Member associations by-laws on file, and is the chair of the Internal Committee.

Why you may want to contact the Internal Coordinator: if you have questions about MA operations or would like a copy of your MA’s by-laws; if your MA has any changes to its executive such as resignations or appointments you must notify the Internal Coordinator; if your MA is planning an upcoming General Assembly.

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Payton Mitchell

Mobilization Coordinator

The Mobilization Coordinator is responsible for making sure ASFA members feel safe and supported in and outside of class. To do this, the Mobilization Coordinator chairs 3 committees: the Mobilization Committee, which supports student activism, the Task Force on Racial and Sexual violence, which seeks to find ways to make the ASFA community a safer space, and the Investigative Committee, which researches accusations of harassment or violence related to ASFA members.

Why you may want to contact the Mobilization Coordinator: if you want to get involved in any of ASFA’s campaigns, or if there’s a social cause you're passionate about that could use ASFA's support, reach out! As well, if you feel unsafe on campus for whatever reason, the Mobilization Coordinator is there to provide survivor-centric support.

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Scarlet Guy

Student Life Coordinator

The Student Life Coordinator is responsible for the organizing of orientation events and for organizing other events throughout the year that cater to the diversity of all Arts and Science Students. The Student Life Coordinator ensures that all events organized by ASFA implement the environmental and social sustainability policy, as well as the ethical purchasing policy. The Student Life Coordinator shall chair and convene the Student Life Committee.

Why you may want to contact the Student Life Coordinator: if you have questions about ASFA events or Frosh, suggestions for events that ASFA can organize, and/or want to volunteer with Frosh!


John Hutton

General Manager

The General Manager ensures the daily operations of ASFA, performs financial, human resources, and program management, advises the ASFA Executive and Council, and maintains the ASFA Main Office and opens it to ASFA Member Associations and member students. As ASFA’s permanent, full-time employee, the GM serves as institutional memory for the organization and provides apolitical expertise and guidance to ASFA members.

You may want to contact the General Manager if you:

  • Want to inquire about a funding request and/or your MA’s budget.
  • Have revenue to submit to ASFA for your Member Association.
  • Need assistance with paperwork involving ASFA, your member association, etc
  • Need to reset your password for your email address
  • Wish to borrow ASFA equipment such as square card readers, coffee/tea percolators, and/or a projector.
  • Wish to book space for student events, which includes 1) the ASFA conference room (EN building 4th floor), 2) the table space in the Hall building directly beside The Hive, and/or 3) the ASFA Loyola office and Loyola student lounge space (SC-03.01).
  • Wish to purchase alcohol from ASFA for your MA’s events.
  • Are looking for information about your MA’s and/or ASFA’s policies & practices.
  • Are looking for older records from ASFA and/or ASFA member associations.

Atima Ng

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer works with the Communications Coordinator and Communications Committee to execute communication strategies for events, campaigns, projects, etc. The Graphic Designer is responsible for communicating ideas visually through the development of a consistent brand identity for ASFA’s social media content.

You may want to contact the Graphic Designer if you:

  • Want graphic design advice on promoting your MA’s upcoming events
  • Want to collaborate with ASFA on a campaign for your MA’s upcoming event

Jack Cronin

Office Clerk

The Office Clerk assists the Office Manager and Internal Coordinator with daily administrative tasks and provides a point of contact for ASFA.

You may want to contact the Social Media Clerk if you:

  • Have general questions about ASFA
  • Need assistance with your MA’s administrative forms

Mahshid Rahbari

Office Clerk

The Office Clerk assists the Office Manager and Internal Coordinator with daily administrative tasks and provides a point of contact for ASFA.

You may want to contact the Social Media Clerk if you:

  • Have general questions about ASFA
  • Need assistance with your MA’s administrative forms
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