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By-Laws and Governing documents


ASFA's by-laws are the highest governing document of the organization. They are the legal codes governing the association, and they are adopted by votes of the membership.

Standing Regulations

ASFA’s standing regulations detail the rules and procedures governing ASFA and the mas. Standing regulations are amendable by ASFA council.

Judicial Code of Procedure

The judicial code of procedure details the process for dispute resolution within ASFA.

Ethical Purchasing Policy

The ethical purchasing policy sets out the requirements all purchases made by ASFA and MAs over $500.

Sustainable Event Guide

While not an ASFA policy, this guide produced by Concordia is a helpful tool for making your events as sustainable as possible.

Policy against Harassment, Discrimination and Violence

The purpose of this policy is to protect individuals from any harm, such as discrimination, sexual harassement and violence, within the ASFA community and to hold members of the ASFA accountable for their actions.

File a complaint

Want to file a complaint against an Arts and Science student, ASFA or MA executive, or councilor?

ASFA Council Meeting Minutes

Council Meeting Minutes

The ASFA Council meets once per month for its Regular Council Meeting (RCM) during the a year, excluding summer months. Council is a body made up of representatives from each of ASFA’s member associations and makes high-level decisions for ASFA that set its priorities and directions. Any council member is welcome to submit motions for discussion and approval. In addition to the monthly Council meetings, additional meetings may be called as needed. These additional meetings are called Special Council Meetings (SCM).

ASFA Council meetings are open to the public. Meeting times and locations are sent to all councillors by email in advance of the meetings. For more information about ASFA council meetings, contact the Council Chair, who you can reach at

Council Meetings 2020-2021

Archived Council Meetings