This section contains forms which can be submitted to ASFA in order to receive payments, with a brief explanation of which form to use for the thing you’re trying to do.

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General information

The most important thing to remember is: keep a paper trail! To be reimbursed for things there needs to be a record of it. Don’t lose your receipts, and don’t make transactions that don’t create a record. If a vendor doesn’t give you a receipt, ask for one.

**Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, ASFA’s process for reviewing and sending reimbursement is slower than in normal times but is still operational! Please make sure to include your email address in all submitted funding forms. Thank you for your patience during this time.**

Completed forms

Completed forms with supporting documentation (receipts, invoices, contracts, etc) must be combined into one PDF document, and can be sent to For any question or inquiry can be send to

Do not send multiple attachments for one reimbursement.
There are many resources online to do this:

Payment requests are what they sound like- a request for ASFA to make a payment to a person or business. This can be used to be reimbursed for expenses or to pay unpaid bills. To be reimbursed for an expense, receipts must be provided.

Use the Reimbursement Request Form to:
To submit receipts for expenses you’ve incurred and get reimbursed
- To have ASFA pay a supplier directly (include an invoice, quote, contract, or honorarium agreement in place of a receipt)

Advance funding is available for pre-approved activities for which the organizer is unable to pay for the project out-of-pocket and be reimbursed after. Advance funding can be offered where a cheque is made to the event organizer and the funds are used for the specific event. Within 5 days of the event taking place, all receipts for purchases must be submitted to ASFA along with any unspent funds. Failure to do so within 5 days will result in the member association budget being frozen. Advance funding requests must be for a minimum of $300.

Use the Advance Funding Request Form if:
You are organizing an event which you cannot pay for out-of-pocket.
- Your event has already been approved in an MA budget or ASFA committee.
- You will be making multiple small purchases which cannot be paid via cheque request or credit card.

(example: a $1000 bill to a journal publisher could be more easily paid via cheque request, but $600 in groceries and decorations for a wine & cheese event make sense for advance funding)

An honorarium is a payment made to someone for a service, and the Honorarium Form is an agreement for providing that service. The Honorarium Form is a template that you can use if the person doesn’t provide their own invoices.

Examples of things honoraria are offered for could include leading a workshop, giving a presentation, contributing to an academic journal, or chairing a general assembly- just to name a few common things.

To request an honorarium payment, fill out a Payment Request Form and ASFA will prepare a payment to the person. The Honorarium Form must be attached to the Payment Request Form- just as you’d include a receipt, invoice, or contract.

Use the Honorarium Form if:
You want to offer compensation to somebody for providing a service but they are not a formal business/contractor, or they don’t provide their own invoices to you.

ASFA offers Special Project Funding (SPF) grants to projects organized by its Member Associations as well as by members-at-large (a.k.a. Arts & Science students!). To apply, simply fill out the form below. Additional documentation and/or questions may be submitted to

Special Project Grant Requests, when received, are reviewed by the ASFA Finance Committee at one of their regularly-held meetings. The committee may choose to either approve or reject an application, and/or they might hold their decision in order to request more information from the applicant. If approved, applicants are not guaranteed to receive the full amount which they had requested.


When an SPF grant is awarded, the applicant will not (usually) receive a direct cheque in that amount. The amount awarded is for UP TO the amount given, and the applicant may then proceed to make purchases for the project. They will then be able to submit their receipts for reimbursement using a Cheque Request Form. If the project involves particularly large purchases, the applicant can also request that ASFA pay the vendor directly, again by using a Cheque Request Form. For any questions about payments and reimbursements, please contact

Please note that funding will be granted if the project is deemed to directly benefit Arts & Science students. Precedence will be given to projects that take place on campus.

Special Project funding budget template


Special Project funding Sustainable Event Form


Member Association Forms


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ASFA Council Forms

Complaint form

On October 8th 2018, ASFA adopted a Policy against Harassment, Discrimination and Violence. The purpose of this policy is to protect individuals from any harm, such as discrimination, sexual harassement and violence, within the ASFA community and to hold members of the ASFA accountable for their actions.

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