June 8, 2020

ASFA Support of the "Black Lives Matter" Movement

ASFA’s Transparency & Redaction Statement Concerning the June 7th BLM Protest

We would like to publicize the following statement made by Hoodstock, and Tout Le Hood En Parle regarding the Chief of the SPVM being invited to the demonstration against racism and police brutality tomorrow, June 7th 2020. Their statement is as follows:

“Hoodstock and Justice for Victims of Police Killings are NOT involved with the organizing of this Sunday's demonstration against police brutality. Our pages were used to promote last Sunday's Justice For George Floyd demonstration, which did not involve collaboration with the police. Unfortunately, the Montreal police chief has been invited, and will attend, this coming Sunday's demonstration against police brutality, organized by "Nous sommes la ligue des noires nouvelle génération."
We want to express our opposition to the presence of the Montreal police chief at a demonstration against police violence and brutality, which amounts to reinforcing police impunity. It is also disrespectful to the victims of police violence and impunity, including those people killed by the Montreal police.
We encourage people to contact the organizers of this Sunday's demonstration and encourage them to retract their invitation, or otherwise protest the Montreal police chief.”

Source: https://m.facebook.com/Hoodstock2020/posts/3236311793075335

We would also like to bring to our following’s attention the following statement made by Anastasia Marcelin, the Facebook director of Nous Sommes la Ligue des Noirs Nouvelle Génération (organizer of tomorrows protest) (English to follow):

<< Allez à l'école, éduquez-vous. Quand la police vous arrête, ne faites pas les thugs. Faites ce que la police demande pour que vous puissiez vous défendre ensuite. On ne veut pas défendre du monde qui n'accepte pas la loi. On veut aller à la guerre, au combat, pour ceux qui respectent la loi et les policiers. Et on veut que les policiers fassent la même chose à notre égard.»

“Go to school, educate yourself. When the police arrest you, don't be a thug. Do what the police tell you to do so that you can defend yourself afterwards. We don't want to defend people who don't accept the law. We want to go to war, to fight, for law-abiding people and police officers. And we want the police to do the same for us.”

Source: https://www.narcity.com/…/une-manifestion-a-montreal-contre…

While the police’s invitation has since been rescinded (see link below), the statement above stands.


Having learned this information, we at ASFA will be choosing not to attend tomorrows protest. We urge people to reflect on the police brutality of last weekend, and how it was by no means the first instance of such by the SVPM. Please refer to The Link article from 2016 posted below. While the Concordia-McGill contingent for tomorrow is cancelled, we encourage people to make their own conscious decisions about whether they would like to attend or not. As always, we wish to be completely transparent with the knowledge we have attained and the decisions we have made.


ASFA continues, and encourages the members of our community, to support the Black community and victims of racism and police brutality. We do not stand with the SVPM. We urge those to continue to donate, sign petitions, send emails and phone calls to elected officials, and protest when it aligns with the demands of the Black community. For those who choose to attend, we encourage you to be safe in regards to the covid-19 pandemic.