December 2, 2018

ASFA Statement on the Appointment of an Interim Finance Coordinator

On the evening of November 27th, the now former Finance Coordinator, Caleb Owusu-Acheaw, revealed to the ASFA Executive that he had taken funds from ASFA’s petty cash due to personal circumstances. While he affirmed his intention to repay these funds, actions were immediately taken to protect ASFA from financial risk.

An emergency meeting between the ASFA Executive, the Office Manager, and the Council Chairperson was called the next day, November 28th. An informal audit of ASFA’s cash finances was performed at this meeting. The Executive signed a decree to temporarily suspend the Finance Coordinator from his position. A Special Council Meeting was then called for the next day to discuss long-term measures.  

The following actions were taken at the Special Council Meeting on November 29th:

  • With the recommendation of the ASFA Executive, Council voted to remove Owusu-Acheaw from his position after a statutory 10 day period.
  • It was mandated that Owusu-Acheaw would repay ASFA for the funds taken in the amount of $450 before January 1st, 2019.
  • Council motioned that a complete audit of ASFA’s finance policies be performed by a third party to ensure that ASFA’s fiscal responsibility would be held to a higher standard.
  • Gigi Cordeiro, President and Councillor of SASU, was appointed as interim Finance Coordinator until such a time as a callout can be held to fill the position on a permanent basis.

Directly following the Special Council Meeting on November 29th, Owusu-Acheaw submitted his resignation effective immediately and prior to the 10 day period.

The ASFA Executive and Council would like to acknowledge that Owusu-Acheaw has demonstrated a desire for accountability and ownership of his actions throughout this process.

ASFA is committed to upholding the trust that students have placed within us, and as such we are working to ensure that situations like this do not arise in the future. We regret that this situation has arisen, but would like to assure our members through our transparency, that necessary actions have been taken swiftly and without hesitation.


The ASFA Executive
ASFA Council
Caleb Owusu-Acheaw