Standing CommitteeS

Standing committees help implement the decisions of council, aid in the day-to-day operation of ASFA and have the authority to exercise the powers of council between meetings of the latter.

Standing Committees


The Academic Committee examines relevant academic issues affecting the student body and advocates in the best interest of Arts and Science students in the Faculty.


The Communications Committee oversees ASFA's communications strategy and its Member Associations in promoting activities and events. It examines ASFA's role in the greater community outside Concordia University and implements initiatives to promote ASFA's best interest. It is also responsible for overseeing any commercial activity within ASFA. This committee only has one Member-At-Large seat.


The finance committee's objective is to examine and recommend the ASFA Council on budgetary and other financial matters. It is in charge of approving the Member Associations budgets and Special Project Funding requests. It always has the mandate of educating students on financial topics by creating a series of financial literacy workshops. The committee also oversees plans for investments and contingency affairs. This committee does not have any Member-At-Large seats.


The Internal Affairs Committee coordinates all matters of the MAs. It serves as an available screening option for Member Association events to ensure that they adhere to financial restrictions, University Policies, and Sustainability Policies. The Internal Affairs Committee aids MAs in the case of conflicts with their department, other MAs, or the Association. The Internal Affairs Committee is also responsible for overseeing the creation of any new Member Associations and the hiring and distribution of CEOs to existing MAs. This committee only has one Member-At-Large seat.


The Loyola Committee's mandate is to represent the Arts and Science students on the Loyola Campus. It was created in 2019 due to little student life and ASFA representation on campus. Loyola Committee organizes social and academic events for the entirety of the campus. In-person, they host at minimum one orientation/frosh event each semester and one academic event per mandate. As part of the committee, the main task is event planning, but as the Loyola Committee also represents ASFA on Loyola, any project concerning the campus can come to them. 


The Investigative Committee upholds ASFA’s Policy against harassment, discrimination, and violence to represent the best interests of arts and science students. The committee ensures fair and impartial investigations, and decisions on complaints brought forward by arts and science students. The committee conducts its work with integrity, confidentiality, respect and in a timely manner.

Please note that any Member-At-Large positions on the investigative committee require specific training as you will be dealing with sensitive personal information from students. This committee has two Members-At-Large, preferably who have knowledge about sexual and racial violence and human rights.

Mental Health advocacy COMMITTEE

The Mental Health Advocacy Committee was founded in consideration of concerns for students’ mental health during the Covid‑19 pandemic. Our mandate is to support students struggling with their mental health and promote resources available to Concordia University students. Making mental health resources accessible and aware to students is fundamental to ensuring their success and well‑being in adapting to the challenges of university. Now, the MHAC holds a standing committee status, under the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA).


The Mobilization Committee’s mandate is to advocate on behalf of all Arts & Science students, particularly those from equity-seeking communities. The Mobilization Committee is mandated to plan consent, anti-oppression, and mental health awareness workshops, and to address issues of sexual assault, racism, mental health, bullying, and safer spaces within Concordia that affects ASFA and its Member Associations. This committee has two Member-At-Large seats.


The Policy Committee reviews the By-Laws and Annexes governing ASFA and proposes changes or amendments. The Policy Committee sends all proposed changes to Council for approval, as per the By-Laws. In addition, it is responsible for drafting and maintaining any additional policy implemented within the Association. This committee only has one Member-At-Large seat.


The Student Life Committee helps organize and promote ASFA and MA's social and special events. This committee only has one Member-At-Large seat.

Task-Force to Eliminate Racial and Sexual Harassment


The task-force will address the issues related to sexual violence and racial discrimination against women, men, and minorities within student associations and other university bodies.

The Task-Force will determine and implement concrete steps to prevent racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination within the university in order to foster a culture that ensures all members under the ASFA umbrella and other Concordia communities can seek assistance within the university that caters to the individual's best interests.


Meetings of the task-force are convened by the co-chairs, but are open to all. Meetings of the task-force take place monthly during the academic year. Meeting times are be promoted on the ASFA Facebook page, and through the ASFA newsletter.


For information and inquiries regarding the task-force, please email