Election Candidates 2021

Candidate list

Here is the official candidate list for the 2021 General Election of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. The first part comprises candidates vying for positions on the Executive Body of ASFA and the latter are candidates running for positions in their respective departmental student unions, also known as Member Associations.

Arts and science federation of associations

ASFA academic Coordinator

Faysal Al Ghazal

My name is Faysal (he/him). I am studying political science and my campaign is basically going to be a blank page so you could fill what you want and need periodt.

Jordan L. Jerome-Pitre

Hello, my name is Jordan L. Jerome-Pitre, I am a Mi'kmaw man majoring in the First Peoples Studies and I am in my first semester! I consider myself an intellectual, a true servant, and an individual involved with the community. I graduated from Dawson college in the Law, Society and Justice program, during which I was a councillor representative of indigenous students! I spent my time striving with like minded individuals on the DSU to help fight for all constituencies of the student body ranging from implementing a new constitution, policies, and resolutions made by yours truly that affected Indigenous and non Indigenous students. All of which I was working as a security agent and finishing an AEP diploma at another school along with two certificates. One of which I am very proud of is the decolonization & Indigenization certificate. Now, as I am challenging the current colonial project majoring in FPST, while serving my time on the CSU as a council member-- I hope to serve as best as I can by applying my own indigenous perspectives on current student life and the social challenges of online learning, because I believe in making things easier for everyone.

Lily Charette

Lily is a third year student in the department of Geography studying Human Environment and Sustainability. They have been involved with student politics at Concordia since their first year, starting out on the Geography Undergraduate Student Society and eventually leading her to a seat on the CSU council of representatives and various committees within the CSU. “Since the beginning of the ‘unprecedented times’ we are living in, the university has continued to ignore student perspectives and needs and continues to fail to support students in the ways that they need. If elected as ASFA’s Academic Coordinator I would work to ensure that student voices are at the forefront of academic decision making.”

Mohammed Basel Hussein Qasem

I am Mohammed. I am a second-year student majoring in Biology. I will be running for the Academic Coordinator Position. I hope to increase ASFA's awareness amongst students. I will be acting solely in the interest of the Arts and Science students to introduce initiatives to the ASFA. I believe that my skills match the requirements for this position and that I will be an excellent candidate.

ASFA Student Life Coordinator

Deeva Wazir

Hi, My name is Deeva Wazir and I would like to run for the position of Student Life Coordiantor. As an ambitious student at Concordia I understand the importance of student life and having co-curicular and extra-curicular programs, acitivities and events for students. It is important for students to have access to activities and programs where they can meet new people, develop and enhance their skills and seek guidance or motivation for their passions and interests. As a Student Life Coordinator I would like to work towards enhancing student life by focusing on the needs and interests of students exclusively!

Samantha Forget

Hello, my name is Sam Forget, I am running for ASFA student life because I am passionate about human connection. I am in my final year double majoring in English lit and Human relations. I have held a variety of positions in Alpha Epsilon phi sorority, which is where I think my skills will come in handy. If I win something I'd like to focus on is creating a sexual violence policy for those on campus, where people feel comfortable speaking up. In addition I'd like to create a workshop to speak about sexual violence and how to help and move forward, creating a safe space for people to share their experiences. I'd also like to work on workshops that foster connection and respect helping people work well together.

Scarlet Guy

My name is Scarlet Guy, and I am a 2nd-year History and English Student running for the Student Life Coordinator position at ASFA. I worked as ASFA’s Archivist for eleven months and I am familiar with how student government runs and how policies are developed and enforced. I also currently serve as Vice-President on the Board of Directors at the Woodnote Cooperative, serving on committees and working towards enacting meaningful policies regarding anti-oppression and sustainability. If elected as Student Life Coordinator, I will advocate for better mental and physical health services at Concordia (puppy therapy, anyone?), increase the sense of community among ASFA students in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and increase student engagement with ASFA. I will also restructure how Frosh is organized in order to best serve the Concordia Community. Vote for Scarlet and vote for engaging and supportive student life at Concordia!

ASFA Independent Coucillor

Tayif Ahmed

I am a 2nd-year student currently majoring in Political Science with hopes of also doing an Economics minor. Although born in New York, I’ve spent half of my life between Bangladesh and my second home Montreal.

I have always been quite active when it came to student-run organizations, constantly taking charge gave me a sense of enjoyment especially knowing it would leave a positive ripple effect on the overall student life in my educational institution. Outside of school, I have volunteered in non-profit organizations based in Dhaka. After coming to Concordia University, I aimed to represent students by taking the responsibility of VP External for the Bangladeshi Students’ Association.

My intentions for running as an independent councilor within ASFA is very clear cut, to uphold firmly what the organization stands for as well as making sure ASFA can focus on catering to the needs of the students it represents especially after a global pandemic. For every student’s countless possible demands, I am honored to ask for but 2 things, your trust, and your vote.

Member associations

Biology Student Association (BSA)

BSA VP academic

BSA VP Communications

Max Kerby Henry Edmond

My name is Max Kerby Henry Edmond. I am a third-year student in biology. I want to be VP Academic because I want to create a university where student can develop their full potential. I used to be president of my student board in high school and I appreciated my experiences. As a VP Academic, I would like to build connections between first year, second year and third-year students. I know we have student advisors, but I think that students can be good resources for other students. So, I will make sure that I organize a lot of events during the school year. So, each event will be an opportunity for students to talk about their academic concerns with other students. I am also an entrepreneur. I have a tutoring company. I also like playing soccer and basketball.

Alessio Cusmano

I intend to transform the BSA’s social media presence into one known for eye-catching visuals and the demonstration of the immense diversity of the biological sciences. I aspire to have the BSA social media’s function as a vessel for students' interest in all forms of biology, and one of my main goals is to demonstrate to students all the different forms of biology and how they can get involved in them. Through BSA event advertising and outreach, I hope to make the BSA a part of as many biology students' lives as possible, and to get them involved as much as possible with their program. As a biology student with a history of excellence in visual arts, I will make the BSA social medias lively, visually exciting and appealing to students to hopefully expand how many students the BSA can reach. One of my primary idea’s is to demonstrate just how impressive many aspects of biology, and consequently student’s program’s can look, and to have this serve as a gateway to the BSA and its events.


Kashaf Fatima

I am a 2nd-year student majoring in biology and an avid volunteer for nonprofit community organizations where I’ve planned events and managed teams. I’ve also volunteered with other Concordia groups for events that serve the students. I have a strong passion for the future of BSA because the BSA team helped me through my first year as an undergraduate student during lockdowns in 2020. I aim to similarly positively influence other students throughout my term by organizing entertaining and engaging events that promote better mental health through the ongoing pandemic. My main goals are to increase student involvement with the BSA by allowing students to decide what types of events they would like for us to hold. I will also ensure to provide an inclusive and safe space for all students at our social events and aim for the events to be enjoyable.

Ouissam Boudjelal

My name is Ouissam Boudjelal, and I’m originally from Algeria, although I have lived most of my life in Montreal. I chose biology as my field of interest as I was always amazed by the why of the complexity of living things. As a side hustle I have a small sustainable business. I take charge of everything: I collect high quality vintage clothes, rework them with a sewing machine, advertise them, and package and ship them out internationally. I judge that I have the perfect experience to multitask the face of our BSA brand with advertisements and timeless merchandise conception. Thank you for considering my application.


Thea Mila Ayoub

Hi I’m Lebanese and a third biology student. I would love to join the biology student association (BSA). I’m very good at multitasking, staying organized and generating ideas. Leadership is a trait that I started building since I joined the leadership Bucksmore program in Oxford. I’m very sociable and as a future VP External I would be honored to coordinate all projects, flight arrangements and facilitate fundraising.

Concordia Classics Student Association (CCSA)

CCSA VP Communications

Queenie Chen

Hi, fellow ConU Classics students! My name is Queenie and I am a 4th-year Anthropology and Classical Archaeology undergrad. I am running for CCSA’s VP Comms because I wish to connect with our department's students, to increase visibility and engagement with Classics students, and to improve student life.

As VP Comms, I plan on strengthening relations between our student association and our students, by coordinating easy communication with association members and associated student councils. I also aim on creating and managing various communication services and other online communications in order to broaden awareness of the numerous cool events and workshops that CCSA have been planning for our students and and increase their visibility!

Other than that, I’m just a geeky and dedicated undergrad who is a tad obsessed with learning new languages and cultures, and am passionate about tackling issues of social marginalization.

CCSA VP External

Layla Tiseo

Hello all! My name is Layla Tiseo and I am a fourth year double major in Anthropology and Classical Studies running for the position of your VP External in the CCSA. I have been an interim since July and have helped plan the fall lectures and pub socials, giving a picture of how the association currently runs. Representation of the majority and accessibility to help and information are of priority to me and if elected, will be the focus of my mandate. Hence, as the new blended semester arrives, I hope to provide the student body with a variety of activities and opportunities to take part in the Concordia Classics community as well as further their academic careers. Making the members more reachable and breaching the gap between resources and students will be crucial with the coming semester changes. I believe in openness and communication, please reach out to me!

CCSA VP Finance

Paige Foley

Hello all! I am a second year undergrad with a major in Classics with a concentration in Ancient History and Archaeology. I am running for the position of VP Finance for the CCSA, and I am very much looking forward to joining the team! Truly, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved with the CCSA and to participate in organizing events for the classics department. Can’t wait to take part in upcoming in-person activities with the CCSA!

CCSA VP Internal

Grace Amanda Jones

Hi, Everyone! My name is Grace-Amanda Jones, and I’m an undergrad currently completing a Major in Classics (Ancient Languages and Literature), alongside a Double Honours degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

I am currently running for CCSA VP Internal, and hope that I can help contribute to a smoothly running executive association.

I have past experience from Cegep as the co-president of a club, as well as acting as a member of my Cegep’s student union and sitting on multiple council seats, and I’m hoping to carry those experiences foreword in acting as a representative between students and the larger CMLL department.


Kamila Hernandez Firl

Hello, I’m a second year Classics student, majoring in Ancient History and Archaeology. I hope to continue my studies in archaeology or a related field. I’m nominating myself to be Vice-President Social in the Concordia Classics Student Association. I hope to get a chance to help plan very interesting and fun events for all members! After almost two years of social distancing due to COVID-19, these social events have taken a much greater importance. Association events are the perfect way to connect or reconnect with fellow students and ease back into “normality”. I want to help organize events that will bring people together while continuing to stay safe. My organization skills and my positivity make me an ideal candidate for the position. This is my first time getting involved in a student association and I can’t wait to get started!

Concordia Undergraduate Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics Society (CUBCAPS)

CUBCAPS vP Academic for Chemistry/Biochemistry

Raghd Abushahin

I'm a current first-year majoring in Biochemistry. I'm aspiring to work in the field of pharmaceuticals and have a deep interest in biomolecules. I moved to Montreal from Vancouver this fall! As a Palestinian, I value diversity and social advocacy. I’d like to implement these values in the position of VP Academic Chemistry/Biochemistry by advocating for students to the faculty and properly representing the student body. I aspire to bridge the gap between student needs and the Faculty of Chemistry/Biochemistry. This could be done by carrying out surveys tackling specific concerns or by reaching out to students and presenting the findings to the department. I plan to ensure that the student body is aware of their academic opportunities and to increase involvement within CUBCAPS academically based events. Aditionally, I have high school club experience with a variety of roles pertaining to planning and decision making which could aid in this position!

Zoe Victoria Lord

Hey! I'm Zoe Victoria Lord, but between you and me always wished my middle name was 'Academia' instead. I am a 6th year Concordia graduate in BSc. Behavioral Neuroscience, finishing my second degree in BSc. Chemistry with a Minor in Biology. Why did I stay at Concordia University for so long? Because the professors in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department are so passionate at educating, their admirable skills only deepened my fascination further. I have dedicated my endeavors towards the path of academia, always nourishing an optimistic and energetic demeanor to encourage and cheer-on my peers. Collaborating with others has always been a pleasure, where maintaining strong communication while working alongside professors, lab technicians, and peers is crucial to achieving excellence. We may have crossed paths while climbing up the Chemistry and Biology curriculum, stock-keeping CHEM324 (Organic Chemistry III) and CHEM477 (Advanced Biochemistry) -- or may have the delight to work together in future, being a new Biotechnology member of Space Concordia. If we have yet to meet, I would be thrilled to spark up a chat with you! Regardless of our history, never be shy to approach me; as being a mature student I have all the ins-and-outs of campus that am looking forward to sharing. As a candidate for VP Academic, I am particularly interested in expanding my talents to CUBCAPS and am confident that my expansive involvements at Concordia University qualifies as a valuable asset to bridging the gap between your student-and-professor friendship. I am here to make your academic experience at Concordia University a blast; motivating you throughout midterm season, finding joy in conducting tedious labs, building a strong connection with your professors, and making it worthwhile to attending tiresome 8:45AM and 6:00PM classes.

Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association (CUPA)

cUPA VP Social

Christina Matos

Hello fellow Psych & Neuro Students,
My name is Christina and as a third year psychology student, I definitely know how chaotic & stressful university can be. However, you also need to remember to enjoy your university experience!

This is why I wish to officially join CUPA as your VP of Social Affairs. I want to continue planning events that will allow students to not only meet other undergraduates and make new friendships, but more importantly take a break from studying and have some fun!.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions regarding CUPA's events do not hesitate to contact me!

Vote for me during ASFA’s upcoming elections:
November 30, 2021-December 2,2021
-Christina Matos

Early Childhood and Elementary  Education Student Association (ECEESA)

eCEESA VP Communications/External Affairs

Erika Espinosa

I am currently running for VP of communications and external affairs in the Early Childhood Elementary Education Student Association. This is will be my third year at Concordia in the ECEE program. My position entails communicating with other students in my program to inform them on events and other outside of school events. If you have been liking the recent post on the ECEESA page in regards to the workshops and get-togethers, I would love to have the opportunity to keep on creating them and connecting with everyone! Don't forget to come out and vote!

eCEESA VP Internal/Academic Affairs

Ariane Lagadic

Hi ECEE students! My name is Ariane Lagadic and I will be running for VP Internal/Academic Affairs in the current election for the ECEE student association. I am a second year student in the ECEE program and this will be my first year in the Student Association. I’m hoping to get more involved in student activities and meet people who share the same passion as I. I am so excited to plan fun events and workshops for all students in this program! Happy voting :)

Economics Student Society (ESS)

eSS VP Academics

Cedric Vinetti

My name is Cedric Vinetti, I am currently enrolled in a bachelor of arts and sciences- specialization economics and will continue to the masters of economics. I would like to run for the VP academic to help people through their bachelors and if needed guide them to the masters. My goal is to make everyone as happy as I would have liked to be during my degree!

Fabio Nunez

Hi everyone! My name is Fabio Nunez, I’m a 4th-year student doing a Specialization in Economics and a Minor in Political Science. I was born in Esteli, a small city in northern Nicaragua. In 2018, I co-founded the student council for my university in Nicaragua. There, I learned that an issue -especially in student life- is solved by sharing ideas, communicating them efficiently, and making everyone part of the benefits our student society provides. For that, if I get the opportunity to be VP Academics for the ESS, one of my priorities is making sure every economic student is aware of what resources -study sessions, tutorials, etc- are available to them, and expand those resources further. I'll also promote a closer relationship between students and the ESS, so it's easier for all of us to learn, network and succeed in our careers. I wish you all good luck, thanks!

First People’s Studies Member Association (FPSTMA)

FPSTMA Co-coordinator of academic affairs

Mavis Poucachiche

Hi! My name is Mavis Poucachiche. My pronouns are she/her and I'm Cree from Waswanipi Cree Nation in James Bay, Quebec. I am recent transfer from Dalhousie University and am currently in my 3rd year, majoring in First Peoples Studies. I am running for Co-Coordinator of Academic Affairs and I hope to support FPST students in any way I can. In an effort to broaden my perspective on FPSTMA and FPST program, I have attended and participated in meetings surrounding topics in regard to student wellness. With my experience, I intend to be approachable, genuine and responsible. As an Indigenous student, studying in an urban environment, I know what it feels like to be misunderstood and my goal is to create an environment in which FPST student feel safe and valued. I hope to uphold the vision of the FPSTMA and I look forward to working with you.

FPSTMA Communications coordinator

Sebastian Bob

My name is Sebastian Bob (he/him), born and raised in Vancouver, BC and I am half Indigenous from the Tahltan Nation of Telegraphy Creek and half Irish. Currently I am pursuing my third year of studies at Concordia, majoring in Communication studies and minoring in First Peoples Studies. This election I am running for the Communications Coordinator at the First Peoples Member Association. Having grown up in what is now widely recognized as the digital age, I have been immersed, throughout the length of my development, in the complex and utterly fascinating world of digital communication. I have been working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a Junior Communication officer for the past year and have gained substantial knowledge in the world of Communications that I hope to bring to the FPSTMA. By way of your vote, I hope to effectively produce and deliver First Peoples Studies communication products that promote a sense of togetherness and belonging amongst our FPST community in these unprecedented times. Meduh (thank you).

FPSTMA Finance Coordinator

Elise Kephart

Hello, my name is Elise Kephart and I am a 3rd year Sociology and First Peoples Studies (FPST) student, settler, and research assistant. I hope to provide a supportive role, alleviate financial tasks, and uplift the important work of the First Peoples Studies Members Association. Since being involved with the Indigenous Healing Knowledges project, FPST, and the FPSTMA, I desire to extend a helping hand by taking on this active role of assistance. Ultimately, I aim to be an organized, determined, and supportive advocate within the FPSTMA community.

Geography Undergraduate Student Society (GUSS)

GUSS VP Internal/External

Liv Aspden

Hi! My name is Liv, and I intend to represent you as your VP of Internal/External affairs on the Geography Undergrad Student Society. I am in my fourth year at Concordia studying Human Environment, with a minor in Human Rights studies. I am passionate about  getting involved in GUSS as it aligns with my intentions to mobilize activities and voices beyond the spaces of the classroom.   I am an approachable person who loves to have conversation and listen to ideas. This makes it be easy to come to me with proposals or visions! I am also super organized and good at managing. I love to create memorable experiences with others by attending events and creating plans. I yearn to be apart of a community of like-minded people. I will strive to create an atmosphere that harvests these experiences while being apart of GUSS. Please consider voting for me in the by-elections!

Health, Kinesiology, Applied Science Student Association (HKAPSA)

HKAPSA Level 1 Representative

Samuel Di Tiello Sanchez

As many of you may already know, my name is Samuel Di Tiello Sanchez, but you can call me Sam. I would like to become the face for our program and peers as HKAPSA's 1st year representative and hopefully you do too! Since the beginning of the semester, I have felt passionate about our studies and have also felt the need to meet and befriend as many of my classmates as possible. I believe that every student matters and should be heard and I am more than willing to listen to anyone and everyones voices, as well as speak up for them if need be. Whether I am elected as a representative or not, one of my goals throughout the entirety of my studies in HKAP is to acknowledge, respect and put a smile on the faces of the people I cross paths with on a daily basis.

HKAPSA KCEP Representative

Shaan Baig

Hi there! My name is Shaan Baig, and it is with great pleasure and passion I am running to serve on the Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Student Association as KCEP representative. I love playing hockey and coaching a youth lacrosse team and in my free time enjoy cycling and taking short walks on the beach. I firmly believe as the first elected KCEP representative, I can spark discourse and improvements for all within KCEP, bringing both academic and social matters to the table. Now in my final year in honours KCEP, I believe I have gathered a variety of tools and knowledge through my classes, internships and speaking with my peers which should be more available to students, no matter their year. I look forward to representing each voice of students in the program to the best of my abilities if I were to be elected as KCEP representative.

Sociology & Anthropology Student Union (SASU)

SASU VP Social

Ava Weinstein-Wright

I am a third-year Honours Anthropology student and I love Concordia, from Grey Nuns Residence to classes I have met amazing people, and aspire to be VP Social. This past summer I worked at a non-profit organization as a community outreach worker, within this job I organized weekly events and coordinated a gathering of over 150 people. I planned these events specifically for neighbourhoods to build a foundation of interdependence and a sense of community. As Sociology and Anthropology students we know the importance of community, if elected for VP Social I will prioritize events that cater to our diverse student body. Moreover, I will listen to my fellow peers and encourage the planning of events to be a collaborative task. The events will be a mixture of fun socializing, involving activities with others in the disciplinary, and hopefully, some events will help individuals network and broaden their future paths.

Julia Cieri

Hi! My name is Julia and I am a second-year Anthropology student at Concordia. I am a social butterfly which is why I am applying for the VP social position; I absolutely love getting people to come together and have an amazing time. I always look for new, cool and interesting places in Montreal to try out and it would bring me great pleasure to organize really fun events that includes everyone and gets us to explore parts of Montreal that we might not have known before! I already have a few ideas in mind like karaoke nights and game nights! This will be really fun and I’m looking forward to making memorable experiences and friendships :)

Kuther Ahmed

I have experience in managing and creating large events. Especially coming into the winter as COVID restrictions ease, so many people would benefit from having more social events. I believe I can both come up with events that help foster an environment in which students feel welcome and encouraged by their fellow sasu students. I believe a mixture of events such as lower energy paint nights and higher energy costume parties would be exciting to the student body, allowing all to participate. It's especially important that community is created, because COVID led to may being isolated, and as someone who felt that, socialization and friendship building is critical to creating an environment where the student body can thrive. I can help provide that to our student body.

Zoey Lourenco

Hello, my name is Zoey Lourenco and I would love to get involved in the SASU community! Networking is an amazing opportunity in university and I would love to share that with other university students. I’m a very outgoing person and I’d love to use this to SASU’s advantage! Excited to be apart of the SASu community, awaiting for your reply!

Students Of Philosophy Association (SoPhiA)

SoPhiA Accountant and Budget Coordinator

C. Khang Le

I am Khang Le and I am running for the position of Account and Budget Coordinator for the Student of Philosophy Association (SoPhiA). I have been an Interim Accountant and Budget Coordinator since August 2021 to familiarize myself with the responsibilities and commitment of the position before running in this election. In terms of my academic background, I am currently minoring in Philosophy with a major in Finance, so I have been involving for a long time with SoPhiA and the Philosophy department. Outside of school, I have had experience in many administrative and accounting jobs, which have helped me gain the necessary skills to do well in this position. My main reason to run for this position is to have a chance to contribute and improve the common experience for all Philosophy students by making sure that SoPhiA resources are directed towards informative and useful activities that we can all enjoy.

SoPhiA Internal Relations and Faculty Liaison

Wesley Smith

Hello! I am in my fourth year here at Concordia majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. My fields of interest are mainly political theory, metaphysics, and ethics.

I hope that by being elected as the Internal Relations and Faculty Liaison I could help organize SoPhiA and bring some value to the students of Philosophy here at Concordia.

Mainly, I’d like to help facilitate communication and engagement between students and the association by being a friendly and open face for students to approach and talk about their ideas and issues concerning philosophy, in general, and the association, in particular, at the university.


WSSSA Events Coordinator

Destiny Marshall-Hamilton

Hi, My name is Destiny. I have an interest in being the next WSSSA events coordinator. I have a double bachelors degree in Anthropology and Sociology. I am currently in my first semester as a sexuality major. I have had numerous experiences organizing events throughout high school. This involved bakes sales in order to raise money for graduation trips, entrepreneurial programs within the school which required students to work in order to pay for their graduation trips. This allowed students to gain work experience, pay for their graduation trip, and gain organizational experience. Additionally, I organized a workshop with head and hands at my high school with regards to a short sexual education course. I have great organizational skills regarding planning and scheduling. I also intend on listening to our audience regarding their wants and needs pertaining to previous and future events. This is a role where I intent on working closely with the outreach coordinator in order to successfully establish these events. As your next events coordinator, I intent on creating more events associated with the wants of the student body. Additionally, making these events, fun, interactive, and educational. I wish to spread more awareness regarding these events through my social media and the WISSSA social media in order to gain more exposure. These events will be shared on instagram, this is due to the level of engagement opportunity. It is also easier to interact on instagram regarding any questions or concerns. As well as, create polls, and ask questions in order to engage our audience.

Emma Ayla Castelli

My name is Emma, I am 26 years old and in my second year in the Sexuality program. I began my studies during the pandemic, and have yet to set foot on campus! This has been a tough couple of years for us all. As Events Coordinator I would like to focus on organizing meaningful events that aim to develop a sense of community within the university. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that the pandemic has lead many of us to feeling quite isolated and in need of a little socializing. I also aim to initiate events which help to aid communities who have been adversely affected by the pandemic and the broader systems that foster marginalization in Quebec.