ASFA General Elections

As the representative student body of the Faculty of Arts and Science at Concordia University, the ASFA Council meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year to defend student interests and organize events within the Faculty of Arts and Science. Every year, students registered within the Faculty of Arts and Science are given the opportunity to select their executive through the holding of elections.

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In every upcoming election, ALL Executive Positions are open for election, including:

  1. President
  2. Vice President of Internal and Administration
  3. Vice President of Finance
  4. Vice President of Communications and Promotions
  5. Vice President of Social Affairs
  6. Vice President of Academic & Loyola Affairs
  7. Vice President of External Affairs & Sustainability

Additionally, Five (5) independent councillor seats are available on ASFA Council, and two (2) students appointed to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Council (one student from SGW campus, one from Loyola).
As a prospective candidate, there are several duties you must fulfill to be accepted as a candidate in the upcoming election:
  1. You must complete the contact information sheet.
  2. You must acquire 25 signatures of reference from students within the Arts and Science faculty who support your nomination.
  3. You must complete and return the nomination form to the ASFA office no later than the appointed deadline.

Your primary contact will be the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). The CEO is an independent and objective individual responsible for the administration of the electoral process. Should you have any questions or concerns about the election, the CEO will be your primary source of information.
The following are not eligible to run for these positions:
  • Former and Current Chief Electoral Officers of the Association;
  • Current and former members of the Judicial Committee;
  • Current and former Chairpersons of Council;
  • Current and former Chief Electoral Officers of the Concordia Student Union;
  • Current and former members of the Judicial Board of the Concordia Student Union;
  • Current and former Chairpersons of the Concordia Student Union Council of Representative.
Upon completion of the nomination form, you will be provided with a copy of ASFA electoral rules and regulations, a copy of the ASFA By-Laws, and any other documents that contain election rules. It is imperative that you review these rules and regulations. These are important rules that you should be aware of and failure to abide by these rules can result in the disqualification of your candidacy by the CEO. These regulations ensure that a fair and open election takes place. An information session will be organized before the campaign period begins to clarify any of these regulations.
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